Why me

First. I always start with you, the candidate, and work backwards. Quick example: in 2018, when I started publishing YouTube videos, you had to pay good money just in order to find information about Amazon interviews and their leadership principles. 7.5 million watched my YouTube videos since.

Second. Speed matters in interview prep: “Dan, I simply don’t have time for all this”. Understandably so; behavioral interviewing can be a time consuming endeavor; some of you spend over a year prepping for this, and I am, too, still learning long after discovering these principles!

If in 2018 the challenge was to find relevant info about these interviews, today, Amazon raised the bar; your needs as a candidate have shifted towards specialized interview prep services, and this is how I spent 2021. Watch a preview of my training program if you would like to learn more.

Third. Cost efficient. Since this an important milestone, the temptation to correlate the money you pay with success in your interview, is high. Pro tip: frugality is a trait in many successful candidates. The vast majority of you will benefit greatly from the same, high quality, interview prep methods and insight. How?

Fourth. Inventiveness. My bet is you’ll benefit more from going through (and really listening to) my training, than you would from coaching. Saying this after coaching hundreds. Let me explain:

The most important indicator of success in these intense interviews is the quality of your stories.

What happens if someone else tunes-up your stories for you? Will they be doing the same during your interview? What if you went back to the drawing board, be more vocally self-critical, and revised them yourself? Great candidates are righ, a lot.

Coaching is efficient in candidates with great stories, looking for some finishing touches (for this, I miss my coaching days) or candidates looking for someone to role-play with.

Fifth. Results. Over 500 thank you notes in under 2 years. 400 with job offers.


Training Program

$ 50.00

two months access
  • Answering behavioral questions, when you don't have a month to prepare.

  • Who is this for? This method focuses on speed. Originally intended for screening rounds, many of you sent me thank you notes with job offers.

  • How does it work? 3 sections:

    1. the 16 Leadership Principles
    2. 33 answers to 10 types of questions
    3. more advice

  • Version 2. Released October '21. Updated monthly.
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Role Play


  • Find someone to role-play with for your upcoming onsite or telephonic interview.

  • Who is this for? Candidates preparing for a job interview.
  • How does it work? Post your request and contact other candidates.
  • This service is to be used exclusively by candidates, including, but not limited to Amazon interviews.
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Advanced Training Program

$ 299.00

six months access
  • The more advanced methods to significantly improve your behavioral interviewing skills, tailored to Amazon interviews.

  • Who is this for? Intense behavioral interviews.
  • How does it work? Delivered as a 6h30 video, in 43 sections. Watch a preview on the following page to learn more.
  • Released October 2021. Updated monthly.
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