Frequently Asked Questions

More details about this training program

In its first version this was over 9 hours; to save you time, I compressed it to 6h30, in 43 sections.

Many of the stories are repeated throughout the training in order to help you to quickly understand key concepts. Repetition is a technique I used to highlight important points - and great stories.

Third. You can easily navigate the training through the links in the timeline of the videos, or you can also go through all this in reverse.

It is designed to be for any role.

First, throughout my career, I've worked in both technical and non-technical roles.

Second. My experience coaching candidates for all major job categories has taught me an important lesson: anyone applying for such jobs should be able to qualify if an answer is for them. Some stories will be for mid-level roles while others will be for L7+ roles, while others will be for sales. The main thing is for you to understand the ideas presented there. (e.g. a bad behavior)

While it is true that many of these stories are from IT, I picked examples from a variety of industries.

Pro tip: do not chase the level in a job interview with Amazon; the risk you sound like someone else makes this approach too dangerous. Better chase the offer.

As I am constantly updating it, I believe this approach is a fair one. This being said, if you'd like to request an extension, please let me know.

An invoice will be automatically generated after each order. Please note the invoice is assumed for individuals. If you need a VAT invoice, please contact me.

Yes. Please drop me a line.

from a candidate in Seattle - under Invent and Simplify

A side project of mine is to track potholes in the area by designing a reporting system using cameras mounted on garbage trucks; they would scan the road and using AI would find holes in the road, which would be reported to the city for review.

I designed this to be cost effective, so if this is a lot of money for you, then you maybe don't need all this; maybe consider the lower priced one.